Rishi Chadha Vishwas Girls Institute of Technology (RCVGIT) with a vision to provide the best of infrastructure, faculty and resources to create an environment of all round value based technical training for the over all growth of students who can serve society by achieving academic brilliance.


We support the "true aspect and multidynamic approach". Our true sense lies in creating a clean and rich environment, where one can generate technical skills so as to keep the rich heritage of India.

  • To impart professional education in a professional environment in order to compete in the global environment.

  • Developing technical and leadership qualities.

  • Generating new learning techniques for students upliftment.

  • Exploring new ideologies.

  • Creating a familiar and working environment.

  • To instill moral values and ethical principles in students so that they upload the principles of fairness and justice as members of society.

  • To ensure that no discrimination on any grounds is perpetuated.


"The college secured 2nd Rank among Girls colleges in UPTU"

Director’s Message:

"Rishi Chadha Vishvas Girls Institute of Technology is an institution that aims at the complete development of the students. Today's education system should be able to meet out the raising expectation of students and the demand of the global market. So in order to achieve excellence and gain competitive edge, we at Rishi Chadha Vishvas Girls Institute of Technology give every possible support in all their endeavors, academic or otherwise. It is a multidisciplinary institution and this also ensures that the student have ready access to a wide range of academic material.
Dr. A.P. Tiwari Director,RCVGIT



"Rishi Chadha Vishvas Girls Institute of Technology is one of the premier institutions in the field of technical and management education. RCVGIT is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Delhi."


"With my true blessings, I wish this Institute will explore possibilities to generate more avenues for acquiring true knowledge along with book knowledge."








Swami Vishvas Ji (Founder Head)



"The dream has always been to impart quality education and personality development to the young woman of India, so that she can face the challenges in life with strong determination. Our students have proved it and they continue to do so. The rich Indian values and culture shall always remain our driving force. It gives me a sense of fulfillment at this age of 85, to work for 18 hours in a day to create these temples of learning which always shall have a place for the poor and needy sections of society. I hope, rather believe that the legacy shall continue . . . One day, I may not be with you, but remember my blessings will always remain with you."



Late Shree K.L Chadha ji
Founder, RCVGIT